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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I pick up my tent rental?
    The PlaySmith tent will give you access to your tent rental location. Your tent will be there, set up by our staff on site.
  • What should I bring?
    Everything other than the tent and the set up materials themselves. Make sure you have a bedding option, preferably a cot to get you off the ground, and plenty of decorations and amenities. The tent rental and space is all yours to use for the week, so get creative with it!
  • Are my tent rentals set up?
    All tent rentals are set up on site by PlaySmith Staff.
  • How long do I have my tent rental for?
    You have access to your tent rental from the first day of Drachenfest US to Sunday at 12, checkout with our tent so we can know to start taking down the tent.
  • Who do I go to if there is an issue with my tent?
    PlaySmith has a merchant tent within the Bazaar, staffed throughout the day, feel free to bring any issues to that location.
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