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Marquee Tent (13x13) Rental
  • Marquee Tent (13x13) Rental

    This cozy little tent is perfect for parties of three or less, making it a sweet and cozy little addition to your Drachenfest US experience. Each one is constructed with sturdy iron poles and thick 100% cotton canvas to protect you and your kit from inclement weather. There are options for a porch extra to extend the length, as well as easy ways to hang curtains to give privacy in the interior: perfect for changing costumes or hiding OOG items. It's the classic tent for individuals ready to play, and ready to sleep when it's all over.

    • Specs

      Overall size: 4x4m 13x13ft / 6ft Walls / 10ft Ridge (Peak) A good size tent for singles, couples or trios. Room to stand, change costumes or hang curtains to hide OOG items.

    • Acquiring Your Rental

      We will bring it to site and set it up, bring your own cot and bedding and sign in with us at the PlaySmith booth to get access to your rental.

    • Choosing your Tent Location

      Upon purchasing your tent, enter your intended camp location into the info section, so we can set up your tent prior to your arrival.

    • Rental Agreement

      Please look over our rental agreement, type your name below to agree

      PlaySmith LTD rental agreement

      This agreement is between the lender, and the lendee, hereafter referred to as PlaySmith and Customer respectively, and is in regards to the lending of tents for the duration of a Drachenfest US event.

      • PlaySmith is not responsible for damages sustained or injury sustained during use of the equipment to property or persons

      • The customer is responsible for damages caused to lent equipment while the equipment is lent to them.

      • Damage to equipment will be paid in full within one week of when the damage was sustained

      • The customer is to have their personal items and personage separate from the lent equipment by 11 am on the final day of the Drachenfest event to allow for breakdown time

      • If any pieces of equipment are not found during the breakdown process, or are damaged, the customer is responsible for the replacement of said equipment

      • The customer agrees to further correspondence regarding the lending of equipment within reasonable boundaries and time

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